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Sunru Carter is Will Fay in Premonition: the Activation

In this day we are witnessing a surge of stories that stray from the fairytale scenarios. Even though humans have similarity in phases of life, (birth, infancy, youth, young adult, adulthood, golden years, and death), we each journey with different experiences because of our unique perspectives. The more stories we know, a broadening of perspective takes shape and makes room for compassion, moving one closer to passion. We need more passion and compassion in the world. With stories that challenge our perspective we are meet with reflection of self and our surroundings. Reflection promotes questioning and questions support intelligence. When the title of this post states “we deserve better stories” it is an invite to tell yours. Real stories that inspire us to keep going, that tell us it’s okay to be who we are, and recounts that open up doors to what we want to be more like or support efforts to bring change. In the story of Premonition: The Activation each main character has a self proclaimed mission that speaks to being more conscious. Each one validates the other by stepping closer to their own.

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