A wise lyricist said “I came to get down” (all hail Everlast). I’ve been rocking visual mediums and performance art for decades now. After working on the documentary, Colors of Compassion, a few shorts, commercial videos and live events, the natural progression has led me to write. Along the path I recognized that the legacy cannabis culture was changing fast and not benefiting those that sacrificed greatly to shepherd this potent plant to legalization and thus Culture Interrupted, the feature length documentary, was born (produced, directed and edited) and released on 4.20.2020.

My life experiences are rich in service to art & culture peacemaking & community with legendary not for profit entities, by performing, capturing / directing live events and producing broadcast programs; upholding that which is sacred to people: tradition, morals, values and ethics as lived and recounted. All to this juncture has shaped the premise of my life’s work, now in the form of a cinematic offering. The big questions I am asking are, how does the mind pattern itself (?), how am I being programmed and what is the most natural method of self-control and self-regulation to living life in fulfillment (?).

It is an important time to be creative. With the accessibility of technological advancement and the scrutiny of the intention in bureaucratic and marketing practices this metaphysical sci-fi feature-length narrative is a call to all. Let’s generate to optimize and awaken to action authentically. It is imperative that we all stand up and articulate, share, offer, deliver, give a fuhk, and harmonize through dynamic imagination, it is a birthright to be exercised.

The messages that “Premonition: the Activation” envelopes portray an evocative Journey of the mind, body, spirit. What develops when one acts from the heart or activates the ego (?). A testimony of humanism in unique resolute pursuit of wants, wishes and dreams. This film, in the making, is a movement back to the epicenter of each’s own unique stream to Oneness.

Sharpened here now, serving it up with a smile, as we all know the tears of challenge, to project the message: This is Your life, participate fully.

Join me, and let’s get up.

rare selfie

Christina Perez