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Being in the Bay is much like foraging a forest of alchemist, ingenuity and technology. Some of the brightest Minds and deepest Souls reside in this region. In search of lead role fulfillment calls for stellar research skill, strategy and patience. I say this

Dameion Brown +Nation

because I am not looking for a proclaimed “superstar”, I definitely want local bright beings with professional acting experience. I’ve been in my cocoon last few years writing, perfecting, the screenplay and now it’s imperative to come out and mingle seeking attracting, those that will bring the vision to life. I have found a well endowed handful of actors and professionals, individuals, that are well suited to assist, support and synchronistically craft. One individual who has/is landed lead role, back to back, in The Marin Shakespeare Theater stage productions, Dameion Brown.

That is no small feat as this Amphitheater holds 10,000 people. An actor, one endowed to bestow the character of Jaxson Mixele and grasp the depth of the film content. Handing over the screenplay to be critiqued by a professional who brings life to Shakespeare’s words with such fervor is a testament to my writing. As the actor I speak of was pleased as I pleased with his skill and charismatic candor. I offered the role of Jaxson Mixele to him, he accepted. Here we flow….

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