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It’s been a fulfilling road and now all of the elements are in place. The time has come to produce the first trailer. The Director, Christina Perez, and AD, James Carr-Nelson, have come up with an excerpt of the screenplay that will entice yet not spoil.

The trailer will commence with a commercial ad being watched by fans of the mega-pop star Jaxson Mixele (JM), as he just announced that the search continues for the actor to be identified to play his role in an epic biography of JM’s life. Fans and friends are at the studio of Will Fay as they enter a celebration assuming Will has secured the film role. Will Fay is the up and coming hip-hop lyricist and bandleader of Furthest Planet, an interplanetary performance art group.

“Inside Tour” is the name of the company offering real-life adventures that directly drop tourists into lifestyles and cultures they would have no of experiencing without this full proof disguise crafted by “Inside Tour”.

Keep your eye out for new production dates and trailer release dates. Of course…we must mention that the slows and ever changing advancement of the time have moved the film production dates out to 2021. Crossing our fingers to be savvy in producing the trailer. We will to continue, step-by-step, and action our way to fulfillment.

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