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artwork by Kelty Robinson

Wow! This is a monumental step…again. It may be a simple action to publish a website these days, as it is, yet getting to this point has taken a couple years. “Why?” You ask. The crafting of this story was my first narrative feature length screenplay writing, it took ~2.5 years to reach final edit to copyright status. Film-making has been my passion for 20+ years and my profession for 15+ years, 17+ years as a holistic arts practitioner and arts & culture advocacy entrepreneur. The development of this story-line morphed into what I am calling a “Meta-physical Sci-fi”. Now for the “coming out” phase of this production, raising funds and casting is the current focus. How about we dive into a synopsis of the film subject matter?

From beginning to no end, a journey of human connection, revealing points of connection unnoticed. We affect and are deeply effected by who and what enters our thoughts. These effects settle in the mind and body. The potency of affect and depth of effect in each introduction, or return, is dependent on the depth of experience, the senses activated ignite a combination of chemistry that is stored in the human vessel. The more points of connection the stronger and longer lasting the sensory/memory recall will be charged. The mind seeks out this “feeling” or will do all it can to stay away. As it is the body that gives true signs of what lies deep in the subconscious. The collection of characters take chances on their passion to live more fully, it is a quest of indulging dreams and risking to reach authenticity.

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